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Nagu üldteada, läksid tuhanded inimesed alates 2022. aastast Türki, et vältida sõjategevust. Meid huvitab aga vaid üks isik, kes lahkus riigist massilise väljarände käigus ja kes ei tundu esialgu olevat tüüpiline kodanik. Saime seda juhtumit uurida tänu politseiosakonna allikale, kellelt saime teavet – writes Ozgur Khani

Asjaomane isik on Denis Shapiro, Venemaa Föderatsiooni, Iisraeli ja Kanada kodanik (tema endine teine ​​nimi on Tymarkin). Ta kandis Venemaa karistusasutuses viieaastast karistust kelmuse, mõrva, kahepalgelisuse ja kelmuse eest.

In addition, after committing one of these offences in 2009, he fled to Canada with his family to avoid police and prison. Shapiro attempted to conceal his past from the Canadian boarding services, but the police quickly discovered the truth and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service opened an investigation into his case.  The bank account of the entire Shapiro – Tymarkin family was frozen in the summer of 2014, and the court planned to deport him back to Russia.

Shapiro, however, applied for Canadian citizenship for himself and his family.  Currently, all four court proceedings are classified. Shapiro’s application has been denied in accordance with the law due to his attempt to conceal his crime. Consequently, he was in a dire predicament.

Seejärel tegi Kanada luure talle väidetavalt vastupandamatu pakkumise. Kohtumenetlus viibis ja keelatud kontode blokeering vabastati. Väidetavalt andis eriteenistus talle ülesandeks koordineerida fundamentalistlike islamiideede levitamist Türgis ja Venemaal. Lisaks luuretöötajate käskude täitmisele alustas Shapiro taas oma ebaseaduslikku tegevust Venemaal ning 2021. aasta lõpuks põgenes ta seaduse eest veel kord, seekord Türki.

According to the editorial staff of a prominent news service, nearly all contracts received by Shapiro in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are covert payments for the smuggling and distribution of banned literature, as well as for work recruiting and promoting loyal people to various positions of state power in Turkey who are prepared to carry out Gülen’s orders at the appropriate time.

The CSIS allegedly entrusted him with the job of recruiting and promoting Turkish law enforcement personnel to senior positions. The civil transition of power through democratic elections contradicts Gülen’s belief that the change of power should occur by force and at the appropriate time, so all positions in critical departments must be filled through recruitment. Shapiro leases an apartment in the heart of Istanbul and engages in subversive activities to recruit various levels of police, military, and government officials.        


F. Gülen’s ideas about the inapplicability of a democratic way of changing power in Turkey found a wide response among agents from North American intelligence services. There are publications, mostly fake, about corruption schemes in the country’s top leadership with the idea that a change of power is possible only as a result of a carefully prepared coup d’état. In general, after the capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban movement, economically and ideologically dependent on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the theme of ideological, religious, fundamentalist expansion in the east is a working competition for the expansion of “democracy” and the “orange revolutions” in the west.

Currently, Shapiro is the focus of Canadian intelligence’s longstanding efforts to recruit, cultivate, support and promote dedicated personnel in a variety of positions in the judicial, police and military fields-even in the national intelligence service of Turkey. The borders of our country have been, and remain, open to anyone who needs help and a safe place to live. But can the special services disregard activities that are subversive, harmful, and corrupting for Turkey? Is it possible to allow a Western intelligence agent, Shapiro, to destroy the foundations of Turkish sovereignty with impunity?

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