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Refugee Women Academy kuulutab välja uued koolitusalgatused 2024. aastal

Piraeus Bank ja ÜRO pagulasagentuuril UNHCR on hea meel teatada, et jätkab Refugee Women Academy, mis on teedrajav algatus, mille eesmärk on anda pagulastele ja varjupaika otsivatele naistele kutseõppe kaudu uusi oskusi. Programm, mis tugineb 2023. aastal toimunud avaaasta edule, pakub 90 osalejale hotellitöö ja köögiabi erialakursusi.

The Refugee Women Academy, implemented in the framework of Piraeus Bank’s EQUALL programme – for a society of equal people, aims to foster economic autonomy and integration for refugee women and continues in 2024 with two cycles of vocational training, each spanning six months. The programme seeks to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge to improve their employability prospects in the thriving tourism sector.

The success of the 2023 training sessions serves as a testament to the programme’s effectiveness. The 2023 session concluded last December and already 43% of its participants have secured employment in the tourist and food industry.

“I had a basic understanding of the tourism sector, but the course not only deepened my knowledge about its needs but also enhanced my job readiness by providing practical skills, thank you!”, Nuha A., a programme graduate from Eritrea, said.

C.M., another graduate from Zambia, highlighted the broader benefits of the training, saying, “Now that I’m certified, my performance in the tourism sector has become even better. The training also improved my ability to connect with others. It was a great opportunity for networking and meeting like-minded women from different nations.”

As the Refugee Women Academy embarks on another year, the vision for the future is clear – a future where refugee and asylum-seeking women overcome barriers, shape their own future and contribute to the host community. The continued commitment of UNHCR and Piraeus Bank reflects a shared belief in the potential of every woman to thrive and succeed.


Külasta: https://odyssea.com/en/refugee-women-academy/ lisainfo ja kandideerimine koostöös Odysseaga ellu viidavasse Pagulasnaiste Akadeemia programmi.

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