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Enne Granada tippkohtumist teeb komisjon kokkuvõtte saavutustest ja määrab kindlaks tegevusvaldkonnad, et ehitada üles vastupidavam, konkurentsivõimelisem ja jätkusuutlikum Euroopa




In a Communication adopted on 27 September, the Commission provides a contribution to the forthcoming leaders’ debate in Granada on the future-oriented approach to the EU’s open strategic autonomy and on priority policy objectives for the EU in the years ahead. It takes stock of achievements and remaining challenges to build a more resilient, competitive and sustainable economy, to protect EU citizens, and to guarantee their well-being. This follows the Versailles' deklaratsioon ELi juhid võtsid selle vastu 11. märtsil 2022.

The Communication points to specific areas where more efforts are needed, such as building a more innovative and interconnected Single Market, preserving internal cohesion, fostering alliances with international partners and building the EU’s capacity as a security provider for its citizens and region. The EU must continue work to de-risk and reinforce its economic and industrial base while protecting its economic security and its unique social model.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “Europe has reacted decisively to a rapidly changing geopolitical and economic environment. The new reality requires that we strengthen our capacity to protect Europe’s strategic interests, and to provide security for our citizens and partners. Since Versailles, the EU stays the course and is transforming into a more resilient, competitive, and sustainable economy. We will continue to stand together and further deepen ties with partners and those that share our concerns and interests.”

On 10 and 11 March 2022, EU heads of state and government met in Versailles. They committed to take more responsibility for Europe’s security, to bolster defence capabilities, and to take further steps towards building European sovereignty, reducing dependencies, and designing a new growth and investment model. The informal meeting of EU heads of state and government takes place in Granada on 6 October.

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