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ELi noorte tõlkijate konkurss „Juvenes Translatores” – 27 võitjat üle Euroopa




Euroopa Komisjon õnnitleb 27 noort võitjat of its ‘JuvenesTranslatores’ translation contest for secondary schools, as announced in the veebisündmus. The participants could choose to translate between any two of the EU’s 24 official languages. Of the 552 language combinations available, the 2,940 budding translators from 689 schools that took part in the contest used 153, including less common combinations such as Portuguese into Finnish, Bulgarian into Swedish, and Slovak into Greek. Budget and Administration Commissioner Johannes Hahn said: “The topic of this year´s contest ‘Let’s get on track – towards a (greener) future’ reflects the EU’s intention to work for a better, greener and more digital Europe. And this year, the European Year of Youth, it is even more fitting to celebrate the young winners and their translation talent. I want to congratulate them, and also their teachers, who instil in their students a love for languages.” The European Commission’s translators selected 27 winners (one for each EU country) from among 2,940 students from across the EU. In addition, 219 students received erimärkused silmapaistvate tõlgete eest. Euroopa Komisjon korraldab 27 võitjale auhinnatseremoonia enne suve. Pressiteade on saadaval Internetis.

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